What is the modality of hominian action?

Relationship to other people

What is the individual's human relationship to other citizenry?

North American culture considers individuality and realizes fulfilment as gained by individualal achievement.

Increasing one's opportunities and capabilities transmutes to a moral obligation.

But although Americans pride themselves on their regard for personal autonomy, many a American business concerns (in particular in such long-standing sectors as banking and insurance) are observably hierarchic. By relation, in collectivistic Japan, even a chief executive whose company bears his name knows he needs to fit individualal desires against the concord of the group.

Anthropomorphic activity

What is the modality of hominian action?

It is asserted that US attitude does not supply clear instrumentality of achieving self-recognition other than through action and achievement, and so goal-accomplishment becomes a means by which you place yourself apart from the group.

Because other individuals should be competent to recognize this achievement, it has to be seeable and measurable. Therefore financial property offers one measuring of flourishing action. Inside the organization, employees are motivated by promises of furtherance and status signals overtly consociated with position such as a superior company automotive vehicle and a luxuriously fitted business office.

Buddhist societies in South-east Asia which implement beliefs in reincarnation maintain that the individual is born into his/her existing status and destiny by virtue of meritable acts performed in a former life and that endeavor in this life may be worthless. By deflecting wicked acts and by sustaining the harmoniousness of nowaday circumstances, you assist your possibilitiesy of being born into a upgraded position in your future reincarnation.

Anthropomorphic action

What is the temporal concentration of hominian action?

North America is usually held up as a future-determined social group which believes that the hereafter can be intended and disciplined. Furthermore, the future is certain to be fitter than the existing just as the existing mandatory to be an advance on the past. But this placement may be short-term.